Funky Home Design Needed in a Teens Room

Once your child reaches the age of ten, you will need to relook your home design, and realize that your child is a pre-teen with fixed ideas on what is cool and fun and what is not. The time has come to redesign the bedroom in keeping with your child’s need to be a grown-up. It isn’t cool to have a bedroom that is still in the décor style that the parents chose years back. They will want something that reflects their own unique taste and style. No longer will your pre-teen or teen want a room cluttered with all the things of a child; minimalist furniture is in which is still fun and funky. Teenagers want to personalize their rooms and they want to choose stuff that will reflect their personalities and their interests. If your teenager can’t find ready-made furniture, there are plenty of opportunities available to have furniture custom built.

Wall Murals Brilliant Home décor Idea

Plain colors are always a safe choice for a teenagers room when they have decided to leave the décor up to you. If there has to be a pattern, boys prefer square and stripes, if you feel you would like to add a bit of personality in. This is where peel and stick wallpaper comes in, because your teen may also like a wall to be painted in stripes, and if you don’t want permanent paint, wallpapers come in an awesome range of patterns and designs to delight any teen.

If your child is into sports, they can really feel as if they are part of the game by having one entire wall devoted to a sports mural; anything from surfing, tennis, gym, horse-riding, rugby, swimming, cricket and many others. Murals on pop idols, movie celebrities, animals as well as weird patterns are available.

Whether they like it or not, teens will have to spend quite a bit of time in their rooms studying and doing homework, and tables and chairs will need to be ergonomically designed so as to avoid back strain. If your teens room has limited space, there is fantastic space-saving furniture that will give your teen a trendy place to work. While many teens are into brands and spending a lot of money on their items there are those who prefer trendy low cost items that they can replace from time to time. No bedroom of a teenager will be without a computer, and stylish computer stands will accommodate the computer and keyboard and leave plenty of space for CDs, DVDs and books.

Good Lighting

For overhead lighting, a pendant light is perfect because they come in every color and design and your teenager will certainly find one that suits their needs. Remember to also include a small lamp for working at the desk.

Organization will be an important part of your teenagers bedroom and these days, modern home décor makes use of every possibility for storage space, Apart from shelves and drawers the bed will in all likelihood have storage underneath.

A Look That Everyone is Happy With

It is true that most teen have weird ideas as compared to what we would like for home design, but with a bit of ingenuity you can grant them their wishes and give them a room that you won’t need to revolt against.