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Clerical Job Openings: They Still Exist For Those Who Know How To Go About Finding Them

If you are looking for clerical jobs then you are in luck, because there are a lot of jobs in clerical that are available. All you have to do is know how to find the right type of clerical job openings, which will suit your particular skill set. You see the duties of a clerical worker will vary significantly based on the type of job you end up getting. A lot will also go into that type of setting you will be working in on a daily basis. So it will be very important for you to understand the daily routine as well as the operations of the setting you would be working in when it comes to a clerical job.

Clerical job opportunities exist for those who know how and where to find them. In this tough and competitive market having the right resources at your disposal to look for clinical careers is important. But what type of resource offers that type of competitive edge? We already know about the big job sites that are out there, but these big job sites aren’t everyone’s cup of tea.

Maybe you want something that’s a little bit more personal and setup to really give you more of a personal feel. With clerical jobs you are going to need it to make sure that you have knowledge in various computer applications in order to be successful in the environments you will be working in. An understanding of office machinery will also be required. Of course a lot of this will depend on what type of clerical job opportunities you are going for. Another important factor that must consider above all else is your ability to communicate. Often times before you even begin the clerical job your communication skills will be put to the test. So you want to make sure you understand this before you apply for any jobs in clerical work.

There are also things you can do in order to help heighten your chances of obtaining the type of clerical work you want. You can obtain various certificates as well as undergo special training to give you a competitive edge. Many of these certificates will help to show that you are well versed and trained in the specific duties of a clerical worker. After you have considered these things you will be in a much better position to go looking for clerical job opportunities. Put those skills to work and find the type of clerical job you’re looking for right now.

Wine 201 – How to read a Wine Label

I’ve been giving this post a lot of thought, as it can be rather tricky.

I know, I know… I can hear you saying out loud, “What? How can reading wine labels be tricky? “

Well, it’s only tricky if you do not know what you are looking for. But you can learn a fair amount of a wine just by learning how to read a label. For example, you can learn how to pick up a higher quality wine, just by looking for a few specific words. Here’s a nice piece on what your wine choice tells about your personality

The problem, as far as I’ve been able to discern, is that different countries…heck, even different areas of a single country….have different rules, guidelines and laws that determine what is or is not in a bottle of wine. To complicate matters, sometimes these rules, guidelines and laws are made by governments, other times they are made by a consortium of vineyards. One can approach reading a German Wine bottle differently than one reads a French wine bottle. In fact, you can get dozens of different hits on Google when you type in “How to read a German Wine Label” versus “How to read a French Wine Label“.

I don’t think it’s necessary to get that specific (and nor do I want to write separate posts on each country’s wine), so I’ve devised a simple, straightforward way to look at wine labels that most of us already are familiar.

There’s a list of simple questions that journalists strive to answer in any article. We can apply the same questions to Wine Labels. Those questions?






A couple of notes here…I’ve excluded the “Why?” question because the only person who can honestly tell you why a wine is made is the owner of the vineyard. Some folks do put mission statements that may give you an insight as to why they made the wine, but our goal here is to use clues to find good wine. Most wine blurbs will upsell the wine, regardless of wine quality. 

Want a bonus? Here you go: a Complete Guide to NZ Wines.

The Stylish Way to Fence Your Pool

Having a pool in your backyard is a great way to bring family and friends together. But it can also be a potential hazard, especially if you don’t follow standard safety measures. If you’re a homeowner with a swimming pool, it’s your responsibility to protect adults and children from drowning in your pool. There are many ways you can protect family and friends from an accident.

Here are just some of the safety measures you can take:

One way to protect children and adults from drowning is to always designate a lifeguard while people are swimming in the pool. The lifeguard should know that they are in charge of watching people swim. This means that they shouldn’t be reading, talking on the phone, or texting. In addition to designating a lifeguard while people are swimming in the pool, another way you can protect your family and guests from drowning is to install fencing for pools.

However, many homeowners don’t want to install a fence because they believe it might take away from the beauty of the pool or the surrounding landscape. If you’re concerned that a pool fence might distract from the pool, consider frameless or semi frameless glass fencing. Frameless fencing options don’t have any rails or metal parts, making them completely see through. This is a great option if you want a fence but don’t want to obstruct a beautiful view. Made of glass, frameless fencing is easy to clean and maintain. Depending on your budget and your personal taste, you can find a frameless fencing option that will protect people from drowning without taking away from the beauty of the pool.

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Can a Classical Soundrack Entice Viewers?

While perusing online for information and trailers on Star Wars: The Force Awakens and Jurassic World, both of which I was very excited for, I came across this article about movies, written by Adam Bellotto, discusses the idea that a classic movie soundtrack is essential to making an effective trailer, one that is going to make the viewer buy plenty of tickets.

Both of these films are a continuation in the classic series, Star Wars and Jurassic Park, and their trailers incorporate the scores that made these films classic. These scores were made famous by the iconic composer, John Williams. Adam goes on to talk about how these films are a nostalgiс for fans of these films and this is all thanks to their iconic music. He seems to believe that these trailers are extremely powerful and that is all due to the fact that they incorporate the incredible theme music from these series.

With trailers incorporating a sense of nostalgia and these classic scores that have been icons of these films, they are likely to produce an effective and successful clip. He goes on to mention other examples from past film trailers, such as the fourth installment of the Indiana Jones series, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, the trailer for Terminator: Salvation, and the mix of new and old theme music as seen in the clip for Rocky Balboa. All of these clips and trailers effectively show how theme music can be powerful when it comes to newer installments of many classic films. Adam also goes on to mention how some trailers failed to incorporate a sense of nostalgia in their trailers. His examples include Robocop and Superman Returns.

Personally, I agree with Adam on this topic. When I watched the trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens for the first time, I really did enjoy the feeling of nostalgia that came over me once the classic Star Wars music began to play. I enjoyed seeing all of the new aspects of the film, as well as learning some of the insight into what the film is going to be about, but I also enjoyed the feeling that brought me to the original Star Wars trilogy, movies that were a huge part of my childhood. Classic movie soundtracks are definitely essential to enticing viewers into seeing the newer versions of classic movie series.

Funky Home Design Needed in a Teens Room

Once your child reaches the age of ten, you will need to relook your home design, and realize that your child is a pre-teen with fixed ideas on what is cool and fun and what is not. The time has come to redesign the bedroom in keeping with your child’s need to be a grown-up. It isn’t cool to have a bedroom that is still in the décor style that the parents chose years back. They will want something that reflects their own unique taste and style. No longer will your pre-teen or teen want a room cluttered with all the things of a child; minimalist furniture is in which is still fun and funky. Teenagers want to personalize their rooms and they want to choose stuff that will reflect their personalities and their interests. If your teenager can’t find ready-made furniture, there are plenty of opportunities available to have furniture custom built.

Wall Murals Brilliant Home décor Idea

Plain colors are always a safe choice for a teenagers room when they have decided to leave the décor up to you. If there has to be a pattern, boys prefer square and stripes, if you feel you would like to add a bit of personality in. This is where peel and stick wallpaper comes in, because your teen may also like a wall to be painted in stripes, and if you don’t want permanent paint, wallpapers come in an awesome range of patterns and designs to delight any teen.

If your child is into sports, they can really feel as if they are part of the game by having one entire wall devoted to a sports mural; anything from surfing, tennis, gym, horse-riding, rugby, swimming, cricket and many others. Murals on pop idols, movie celebrities, animals as well as weird patterns are available.

Whether they like it or not, teens will have to spend quite a bit of time in their rooms studying and doing homework, and tables and chairs will need to be ergonomically designed so as to avoid back strain. If your teens room has limited space, there is fantastic space-saving furniture that will give your teen a trendy place to work. While many teens are into brands and spending a lot of money on their items there are those who prefer trendy low cost items that they can replace from time to time. No bedroom of a teenager will be without a computer, and stylish computer stands will accommodate the computer and keyboard and leave plenty of space for CDs, DVDs and books.

Good Lighting

For overhead lighting, a pendant light is perfect because they come in every color and design and your teenager will certainly find one that suits their needs. Remember to also include a small lamp for working at the desk.

Organization will be an important part of your teenagers bedroom and these days, modern home décor makes use of every possibility for storage space, Apart from shelves and drawers the bed will in all likelihood have storage underneath.

A Look That Everyone is Happy With

It is true that most teen have weird ideas as compared to what we would like for home design, but with a bit of ingenuity you can grant them their wishes and give them a room that you won’t need to revolt against.

Home Office Decorating to Maximize Your Home Business Success

Home Office Decorating becomes even more important since the Small Business and Work From Home Business Sectors have grown in absolute leaps and bounds over recent years really the past couple decades and keeps on growing

Here’s a fact 1 – new small business is established every 11 seconds!  The trend is astounding, and there’s no doubt will continue to grow…

As we continue to experience difficult economic circumstances worldwide, with more people forced to leave full-time employment, starting a Home Business venture may have been a mere dream before, but now takes on an even more renewed and accelerated impetus to get going, now

And, quite frankly, it’s a great positive opportunity to get away from your so-called “JOB” (“Just Over Broke”) phase, and give your dream of your own business the special place in your life it deserves.

At the same time, you have to keep your urgency in tack, to make sure you don’t squash your dream Home Office Ideas or Venture with any sense of desperation.  But, that’s really another very important story, which I also will try to help you with you in another area.   

Working from your own Home Office Business is absolutely amazing!  I love it!  I planned it when I designed my new Home a few years back, and designed a future Home Office fairly and squarely into the picture, from the get go.

At the same time, I planned my departure from the corporate world to do my own thing from my own Home Business.

Your Home Office should be a place where you love to be, love to work in, energizes you, and is filled with light and positive energy, recommend the professional career coaches.

So OK, how can you make sure that you set up your own Home Office the right way from the “get go” to ensure the best working environment, vibes, and dynamics to ensure maximum your Home Business success?

OK, here are some basic Home Office Decorating starter principles to help you, focusing on the location of your Home Office for starters:

It’s really important to consider Location in your Design Home Office plan. You may not have the opportunity to design where you locate your Home Office as I did from scratch/starters, but you can work with the best that you have.

If possible, do you have a separate or spare room you can devote for your Home Office?

Alternatively, there are many creative and innovative ways you can find a spot in your home to set up your Home Office Nook (which we’ll cover later).

The ideal location is at the front of your house if possible, especially if you anticipate clients or customers, or service providers coming to visit you on a regular basis.

This is your Home Office, your place where you love to be, so incorporate some of the things you love from the rest of your home a favorite chair, painting, ornament…  You have all the essential tech things, your computer, printer, scanner, phone system etc, but you also want to flavor your Home Office Decorating with Your Personality.

Milan Milojevic ~ From the Cabinet of Dr. Moreau

Artist: Milan Milojevic

Content: Print making, digital media

Price Range: Most works from $1900 to $2050

Exhibition: James Makin Gallery – 67 Cambridge Street, Collingwood 3066


Milan Milojevic “Peryton (After Audubon)”

James Makin Gallery presents From the Cabinet of Dr. Moreau, a dazzling  bestiary dragged from the depths of twin human impulses to dominate the natural world and to explore our monstrous fantasies.

The title of the show recalls Wells 1896 novel  The Island of Dr. Moreau, in which one mans scientific abuse of nature brings forth monsters. As the tale unfolds it is revealed that it is Moreau who is truly monstrous, inflicting great suffering in the pursuit of earthly perfection.

As in the tale, the monsters Milojevic creates are purely human in construction, conjured from our own psyche and displayed within lavish unnatural environments. Milojevics technique is thoroughly absorbing, combining repetition, colour and diverse printing techniques to create remarkable images that are at once familiar and alien.

The most striking work in the show is the intensely detailed and textured Outside/In, a wallpaper series of 48 panels that covers a significant area of the gallery space. This piece bears the marks of the artists hand and has a more satisfying patina than the sleek digital prints. From The Cabinet of Dr. Moreau is an intriguing show that reveals both Milojevics intense imagination and technical ability.


Eastern European art

The fundamental extant difference between the “two Europes” in the very period of  European integrative processes after 1989 and the relevant theoretical and interpretative instruments for a proper recognition of artistic projects in Eastern Europe;

One of the main reasons for approaching the issue of Eastern European art and culture must be explained from the theoretical standpoint. It designates the existence of the fundamental extant difference between the “two Europes” in the very period of  European integrative processes after 1989, and pinpoints the way to encounter the core of the problem related to the issues of contemporary art and culture. This approach, as Slovenian theoretician and philosopher Marina Grzinic explains, departs from the fact that “the East has not provided the West with the relevant theoretical and interpretative instruments to recognise the uniqueness, idiosyncrasies, diversity and originality of artistic projects in Eastern Europe”, because of which “there is very little documentation of this history”. The attitude expressed here had thus been provoked by a strong belief that Eastern European art practices lacked the critical theoretical background which would offer and provide critical interpretation and self-reflection on those projects and phenomena. This problem is of crucial importance and, in order to be overcome, requires a systematic action towards “filling the void” of the cultural and theoretical domain of Eastern Europe. This urge for theory has been explicitly declared as early as in the 1980s by one of the most prominent contemporary art phenomena  in Eastern Europe – Slovenian movement Neue Slowenische Kunst (NSK): “NSK needs theoreticians, thinkers, to verbalise our activities, since we would like the creative act to be accompanied by a certain argumentative discipline, whose opinions and theses also enter the game of creation. Just like a painting, we consider a philosophical work an object, which in the centre of its conceptual constellation raises the question of the conditions and possibilities of awareness in general.”
Focusing on the historical perspectives of the artistic strategies and art production in Eastern European space provides necessary basic instruments for the elimination of  this problem and marks out the emergence of new discourses surrounding these phenomena. Furthermore, apart from the traditional debates and strictly art historical interpretations, it investigates the ideological context of the development of such phenomena and their politics of display, and also – in order to propose the ways for their radical de-politicization – it strengthens the relationship between art and overall political, social and cultural climate in an area once known as Eastern Bloc (the former Soviet Union, Central and Eastern Europe, ex-Yugoslavia).

A Bitter Sweet Moment in Francis Street – Ciaran Bennett

One evening strolling down Francis Street, past the Cross Gallery and the other assorted antique and junk shops, and wildly trying to avoid the kitsch fest across the street, we came upon Monster Truck, the white cottage with little windows and a quaint sense of Hans Anderson in the winter twilight. There was an exhibition there, we had been assured and so rapped on the glass. After some hesitation this twinkling apparition appeared at the door. The quite startling juxtaposition of miniature cottage style door, and the even smaller personage, explaining that she was not in costume yet, the installation started in a an hour or so, could we come back, yes the sheer enthusiasm, the slightly perplexing nuances of something from a parallel universe, we were hooked.

After a few bottles of wine, we returned to the cottage, yes it was open, well at least occupied and functioning as a mind altering chamber of the absurd and quixotic, an art event, Dame Dorian Dublin.

Dame explained the process, or at least the purpose of this ritualistic performance, as a return to Ireland. Her parents had immigrated to Canada, where she was born. She had transformed the shell of the interior, into a mock cottage from John Hindes Ireland. The straw were curious and slightly ambiguous paper shreddings from the Arts Council, the walls large floral wallpaper paintings, or were they the exhibition, what were we to read here. The rather baroque costume, more Austrian Tyrol, with a touch of street theatre than rustic colleen, the hand made ceramic goblets, the kettle boiling, and a bottle of Powers, yes it was an Irish Coffee Night, with a bizarre sense of hallucinogenic wonder. She welcomed us, introduced visiting relatives from Limerick, these were quite subdued in the space, or maybe overcome with heavily laced coffee into a state of bewilderment, was this their lost relation from Canada, what was this, the uncertainty amongst them contributed to the eerie sense of the performance.

In the next room, or at least what initially appeared to be a scullery of the enchanted kitchen, envelopes and other paper wrappings contained last and found messages, suspended from the ceiling. These tokens of gratitude and loss paralleled the displacement of the purely cerebral, which was fast occurring with mugs of laced coffee, we entered into the realms of the besotted and the deranged, we who had been visitors became an intrinsic element of Fairyland.